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Offshore Outposts

An incredible new video by Ric Mixter featuring five of the most remote lighthouses on the Great Lakes - what life was like for those who lived there in the past and the incredible work being done by dedicated volunteers to preserve them for the future. Features the lighthouses on Huron Island, Stannard Rock, Spectacle Reef, Detour Reef and St. Helena Island. Includes new insight into what caused the devastating and deadly explosion at Stannard Rock lighthouse. Run time 70 minutes. DVD17 $15.00

Bombs Away

Michigan runways not only trained the Tuskagee Airmen, but also launched the longest combat mission ever - striking Iraqi targets from half a world away. Join pilot/historian Ric Mixter as he not only chronicles the history of Michigan's four historic air bases, but also flies the final B-52 flights from Wurtsmith and KI Sawyer bases. Includes rare interviews with air crews, mechanics, World War II Pilots, and a profile of Willow Run, the world's largest factory producing B-24 Liberator bombers during World War II.

DVD19 $15.00

Ice Bridge

This beautiful DVD by Mark Rensel and Jennifer Silvernale portrays year-round life on Michigan's beautiful Mackinac Island and highlights the island's spectacular winters, distilled from over 5 years of extraordinary footage with an original, haunting soundtrack. Experience life on "The Island" after the tourists and almost all the horses have left, and the island residents turn to snow machines as their primary transportation. Runs 72 minutes DVD16 $22.95  

Building The Mighty Mac

The 2 DVD Box Set Edition includes the "Building The Mighty Mac" which tells the history of building the Mackinac Bridge, plus two bonus digitally restored documentary films: "Miracle Bridge Over Mackinac" and "Mackinac Bridge Diary."  The second DVD features the acclaimed video "Before the Bridge,” which recounts the history of the Mackinac Straits Ferries. Total playing time of just under 3 hours. DVD18 $22.95

Lighthouse Illumination

Technical Edition. This DVD is perfect for avid lighthouse enthusiasts interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how lighthouse lenses function. The Fresnel lens design is explained in particular detail, showing the formulas used in designing these magnificent lenses in the early 1800's along with animated illustrations of the workings of the various types of lenses and lens assemblies. DVD format. Running time 40 minutes. DVD09. $12.00

Superior Lights on the Shipwreck Coast

The Voyageurs, the schooners, Steamers and Freighters - the Soo Locks, original Life-Saving Stations, Shipwrecks & lighthouses. It's all in this 58 minute video documentary that includes the lighthouses at Whitefish Point, Point Iroquois, Crisp's Point, Au Sable Point and the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Grand Island North, the East Channel Light, the Munising Range Lights and Grand Marais Harbor Lights. DVD02. $17.95

Icebreaker MACKINAW

Filmed during "Operation Taconite" in March 2006 and the original Mackinaw's (WAGB 83) last breakout on Lake Superior, the video captures its historical final up-bound passage through the Soo Locks and her final first cut across Whitefish Bay. When the Mackinaw was launched in 1944, the 290-foot cutter was the largest and most powerful icebreaker in the world. MACKINAW's homeport was Cheboygan, Michigan, and her entire career was spent on the Great Lakes. DVD06. $17.95

Seul Choix Pointe

Recalls the era when the lakes and the weather mapped the destiny of ships and men. But the story of Seul Choix Pointe begins centuries ago as generations of Native Americans, French voyageurs, and fishing families sought refuge in Seul Choix's sheltered bay. Travel back in time as the story of Seul Choix Pointe is told with breathtaking scenery, poignant historical photographs, reenactments, and personal recollections. DVD03 $17.95

Keweenaw Lights

The program includes Copper Harbor Lighthouse, the first built on Lake Superior in 1849 and travels through time to Manitou Island, Eagle Harbor, Ontonagon in 1852, Eagle River, Jacobsville, Gull Rock, Huron Islands, Sand Point, 14 Mile Pointe in 1894, Mendota, Sand Hills (now a B&B), and the upper and lower Keweenaw Waterway entrance. DVD04 $17.95

The Edmund Fitzgerald

Packed with interviews and exclusive archive film from the actual building of the EDMUND FITZGERALD and its launch near Detroit, Michigan. From the men who drilled holes to the crane operator who lifted giant pieces in the FITZGERALD's unique sub-section construction, this video is the only program to highlight the amazing birth of the ship.  You'll also hear from one of the men who rode the ship into the Detroit River, and then learn from a former mate on how the ship handled in rough weather. DVD15 $15.00

The Final Run

The worst storms to hit lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan and Erie. Includes survivors from gales in 1913, 1940 and the DANIEL J MORRELL.  Music by Dan Hall! The Special Edition DVD is loaded with extras like interactive dive sites on the WEXFORD, PRETORIA, and MERIDA.  Also behind the scenes photos and information and a special video on the history of whaleback ships. DVD14 $15.00

Deep Six

Profile of the largest shipwrecks on the lakes has been updated with all new Special Features!  This program features the 6 largest ships ever lost on the lakes: the JAMES CARRUTHERS, the WILLIAM MORELAND, the CEDARVILLE, the DANIEL J. MORRELLl, the CARL D BRADLEY and the EDMUND FITZGERALD. Special Features include a look at Lake Erie's largest shipwreck, the JAMES REED. DVD13 $15.00

Cutter Rescues

Chronicles the incredible career highlights of four Great Lakes Coast Guard cutters, from the first 'official' icebreaker ESCANABA to the brand new GLIB MACKINAW.  Host/Producer Ric Mixter shares rare film footage of the ESACANABA, HOLLYHOCK, SUNDEW and MACKINAW and also takes the viewer through three of the four ships.  This includes a dive into the Atlantic Ocean to see the final resting place of the HOLLYHOCK. DVD10 $15.00

Cement Boat

Experience life on the Great Lakes aboard the steamer ALPENA. Interviews include the officers, engineers, cooks and a detailed look at the cargo and conveyor system.  Cement Boat also includes time-lapse videography from the smokestack of the Soo Locks and two different perspectives of the Duluth Lift-Bridge. Special features include tours aboard the E.M. FORD and J.B. FORD and the scrapping of the LOUIS HARRIMEN. DVD11 $15.00

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Updated 10-97-2018