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The Wheelsman

Ric Mixter's enthralling new book tells the stories of four wheelsmen who sailed their vessels through some of the worst storms on the Great Lakes. With the majority of his information obtained directly from the men themselves, this book gives a great understanding and feeling what it must have been like to be in the teeth of the storm.196 pages. BRS52 Soft cover $15.95

Storms and Sand

Discover the world of the brave men of the Big Sable Point, Michigan, U.S. Life-Saving Service/ U.S. Coast Guard Station.  Learn the history of the station; including the sacrifices by the life-savers and Coast Guardsmen, and their struggles to rescue Lake Michigan shipwreck victims.  Storms and Sand also chronicles lesser-known events in the lives of the men, their families, and the Big Sable Point lighthouse keepers. BRH58 Hard cover $29.95

Deck Hand

In this book, author Nelson "Mickey" Haydamacker recounts his life as a deck hand on Great Lakes freighters in the early 1960's. You will follow Mickey as he spends endless endless hours on board, encounter monster ice jams, near drownings, boisterous saloons, and endless daily drudgery of soogying. Includes photos taken by Mickey during his years on board. 120 pages.

BFS18. Soft cover $22.95


Memories Of Mackinaw

This wonderful book was compiled by ,local historians Judy Ranville and Nancy Campbell, and chronicles the history of the greater Mackinaw City area. It includes hundreds of wonderful old photographs chronicling the lumber camps, railroads, car ferries and so much more. features a great section on McGulpin Point lighthouse and keeper Davenport's family.304 pages.

BRS49 Soft cover $10.00   

Mighty Mac

Every phase of construction of the Mackinac Bridge was photographed. The pictures in this book, selected from 3,000 black-and-white photos, document important stages of the monumental undertaking. Captions detail the procedures used during construction. The result is a volume which captures the struggles and the hardships, as well as the determination and the pride of the men who labored to build Mighty Mac. BRH01 Hard cover $19.95

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
The mystery of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald has haunted the public for forty years. What really happened to the ship & her 29 man crew during that terrible storm on November 10, 1975? Great Lakes maritime historian Frederick Stonehouse provides a straightforward appraisal of all the evidence & theories to assist readers in reaching their own conclusions. Special Fortieth Anniversary Edition. 276 pages. BRS48 Soft cover $17.95

All Hands on Deck

The most recent release by noted Great Lakes maritime historian writer Wes Olsezewski. In this book Wes will take you from the 1830's to 2010, and in between you will meet people who have been long forgotten and travel along with their adventures. According to Wes, all of the stories are true, with no embellishment added - because none is needed! 180 pages. BRS55 Soft cover $16.95

Mackinaw Loves Its Bridge

Mackinaw area author Mary Lou Peters provides real personality to the impact the construction of the mighty Mackinac Bridge had on the area. The book features fascinating interviews with people who lived in the area while the bridge was under construction, those who came here to build the bridge and stayed, and those who were here during construction and returned. Each is signed by the author. 52 pages. BRS28 Soft cover $7.00

Lighthouse Passport

The United States Lighthouse Society sponsors a Passport Program. A passport with a blue vinyl cover, similar in appearance to an official United States passport, is available through the Society and lighthouse retailers across the U.S. When you visit a participating lighthouse, you can get your passport stamped.

MIP35 durable vinyl cover $14.00

November’s Fury
The ultimate story of man versus nature, November’s Fury recounts the dramatic events that unfolded over four days in 1913 when a freshwater hurricane of epic proportions became the deadliest in Great Lakes history. Michael Schumacher’s twelfth book on Great Lakes maritime history. 216 pages. BRH63 Soft cover $16.95

Shipwrecks of the Straits of Mackinac
By Charles E Feltner & Jeri Baron Feltner. Shipwrecks of the Straits of Mackinac gives remarkably detailed accounts of the wrecks in the area drawn from primary archival sources. The authors have also included many fascinating side stories and bits of local history to tie the wreck incidents together and to show their place in the larger arena of Great Lakes commerce and history. Exceptional dive information is included along with many underwater photos and site maps.
BRS16 Soft cover $19.95

The Last Laker
In 1913, the storm known as the "White Hurricane" caused the greatest loss of life and vessels on the Great Lakes to date. The SS HENRY B SMITH sank into Lake Superior without a trace and thus spent decades as a veritable Holy Grail for wreck divers. Stonehouse illuminates that terrible storm, the mysterious disappearance, the daunting search and eventual discovery of the century-lost wreck. Explore the story of the "Hurricane" and the ships that were on the lakes that fateful night. Soft cover, 215 pages.
BRS01 $19.95