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Amazing Michigan coloring book

Not just a coloring book, but chock full of interesting facts about Michigan's many amazing places - from baseball to white tail deer, this books 78 pages also include images of Old Mackinac Point, White Shoal, Sturgeon Point and Big Red lighthouses to color. BKS23 $4.95

Lighthouses for Kid
This book is noteworthy for the way in which the activities are related to the information in the text. The opening stories about keepers' kids will engage readers. Details of personal experiences, such as a "flying Santa," women keepers, and life aboard a lightship, appear in boxed insets. While making a lighthouse cake or a sponge painting is more fun than scientific, other projects demonstrate the science behind these structures.
BKS17 Soft cover $14.95

Learn The Ropes

16 Knots to Know - Knowing a couple of decent knots by heart comes in handy. Kids still love rafts, canoes, fish lures and kits. Sailors had to "learn the ropes," and many kids love to experiment and actually see for themselves how knots made perfect practical sense. An IPod may help you to find something , but it wont keep your pants from falling down!

MIK01 $12.00

I am, I am, A Michigan Mouse coloring book

Features drawings of various locations around Michigan to color. Each drawing features “Maki Mouse” hidden somewhere for additional enjoyment finding the mouse on each page. Included are drawings of Fort Michilimackinac, the Mackinac Bridge and one of the state’s 129 lighthouses.
BKS22  $2.95

Lighthouse Fog Whistle

An old-fashioned wooden whistle which sounds like a fog whistle. 1' square by 8" long, it features a color drawing of a lighthouse on one side and the GLLKA logo on another.

MIF07. $5.00

B is for Beacon

Since the first light was established in the Great Lakes in 1871, these magnificent structures have come to represent much more than their initial navigational function. Beautifully illustrated, this book uses a unique aspect of Great Lakes lighthouses to illustrate each letter of the alphabet, this book will make a shining addition to any family collection. Note that “P Is For Preservation” features the amazing work undertaken by Boy Scout Troop 4 from Ann Arbor at our St. Helena Island lighthouse. Hard cover.
BKH10 $16.99

Updated 11-30-18