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Icebreaker Mackinaw 2nd Edition

GLLKA's Sandy Planisek was fortunate to be able to live aboard the Mackinaw during the last two years she sailed the Great Lakes. Numerous crew members helped in writing the book by answering endless questions and reading the pages as the Mackinaw's decommissioning loomed. Updated to include the story post decommissioning. Features over 500 photos, mostly color  PRS07 Soft cover $15.00 - PRH08 HARD COVER $20.00

McGulpin Point Historic Site

This amazing 10-acre parcel of land has a long, rich history including thousands of years of Indian occupation, followed by hundreds of years of white man history, culminating in nearly 40 years of lighthouse history. This fully illustrated, full color, 52 page book by Sandra Planisek tells the story of the people and families that lived on and dreamed about this parcel of land. Soft cover. PRS05 $8.00

McGulpin Point Lighthouse

This special 16 page publication was written and illustrated by GLLKA's Terry Pepper to be sold during the re-lighting ceremony at McGulpin Point lighthouse on May 30, 2009. This booklet features a complete history of the lighthouse and the McGulpin Point area, and is illustrated with photographs of the lighthouse through its history along with those taken during the installation of the new lantern and gallery  railing. Only a limited quantity of this collector's edition remain.

PRS09 Soft cover  $5.00

Death At The Lighthouse

After Lauren Graham, owner of the Grand Island lighthouse, discovered a yellowing newspaper clipping from 1908 reporting that a Grand Island lighthouse keeper and his assistant were believed to be victims of brutal murder and robbery, he set out to get to the bottom of what happened. This book is a summary of Graham's thirty years of research, which includes an analysis of the various factions of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Hard cover. BRH60 $29.95

Lightships of the Great Lakes

By Larry and Patricia Wright. This unique book identifies every lightship which served the Great Lakes, and tells their stories, along with many previously unpublished archival photographs. Many years in the making, this book deserves a spot on the shelf of any Great Lakes maritime or lighthouse library. Soft cover. BRS54 $29.95  

Ladies Of The Lights

Over the years, fifty-two women served as keepers at Michigan lighthouses This book by Patricia Majher is a great read about some great ladies, and pays long overdue homage to an overlooked part of Great Lakes maritime history in which a select group of stalwart women beat the odds to succeed in a field historically reserved only for men. 120 pages with B&W illustrations. Soft cover. BFS17 Soft cover $22.95


Michigan Lighthouses - An Aerial Perspective

This compendium of aerial photographs, is the work of John L. Wagner who devoted six years to capturing the essence of Michigan's majestic lighthouses from a perspective never seen before. Each portrait provides a vivid reminder of how captivated we are by the history and national beauty of the Great Lakes. Hard cover, 167 pages.

BRH14.Hard cover  $75.00  

Lighthouses of Lake Michigan

Wayne Sapulski’s wonderful book serves as the definitive reference for anyone interested in the history of the lighthouses of Lake Michigan. Sapulski’s unique combination of research, writing, archival images, antique postcards from his personal collection and his own beautiful photography is a real winner. Long-gone lighthouse are also remembered and pictured when possible. Soft covers, 220 pages. BRS27 Soft cover $29.95

United States Life-Saving Service in Michigan

Author William D. Peterson has compiled a photographic history of the United States Life-Saving Service in the Great Lakes region, and immortalizes the men who paved the way for the U.S. Coast Guard in 1915. In 1854, the U.S. Government provided funds for lighthouses, boats, and life-saving equipment along the Atlantic seaboard to alleviate shipping disasters. 128 pages. Soft cover.

BRS29 Soft cover  $18.99

Ohio Lighthouses

By Wil and Pat O'Connell. Wonderful archival images of virtually all of Ohio's lighthouses, including many which are no longer standing. Combine this with interesting anecdotes about life at the lighthouses, and this makes a wonderful addition to any Great Lakes lighthouse library. Part of the Arcadia "Images of America" series. 2128 page paperback book. BRS12 Soft cover $21.99  

Grand Traverse Lighthouse

Stefanie Staley, executive director, brings 19 years of experience in research and an in-depth knowledge of maritime history and museum administration. Georgienne Hammer, a maritime history aficionado, is the program coordinator for the museum. Sarah Olson and Dustin Webb were summer interns in 2007. The images in this book come primarily from historic collections of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum. BRS34 Soft cover $19.99

Lighthouses of Southwest Michigan

Author Susan Roark Hoyt takes the reader on a journey through the history of the lighthouses at St. Joseph, South Haven, and Kalamazoo River Lights, Holland Harbor, Grand Haven, Muskegon, and White River Lights. Through archival photographs, she explores the legacy of these fascinating structures, the people who maintained them, and the ships and communities they protected. 128 pages.

BRS37 Soft cover $21.99

Guarding Door County

By Stacy & Virginia Thomas. Door Count has been home to as many as 12 historic light stations, as well as three life-saving stations. Lighthouse keepers and surfmen survived both boredom and peril to ensure safe navigation and commerce, while rescuing those in distress. Through archival photographs, stories of shipwrecks, rescues, service, and pride spring to life. BRS35 Soft cover $19.99

Lighthouses of Northwest Michigan

By Susan Roark Hoyt. After the first settlers reached northwestern Michigan, the region's immense pine forests were quickly cultivated into a thriving lumber industry. Coastal towns sprang up to support sawmills, and soon lumber schooners arrived to carry large loads of timber to ports across Lake Michigan. The need for lighthouses to mark these dangerous waters and harbor entrances was crucial to prevent the loss of lives and valuable cargo. BRS36 Soft covers $21.99

Fairport Harbor

By the Fairport Harbor Historical Society. Fairport Harbor, Ohio, was once a gateway to the Western Reserve, welcoming more ships to its shores than Cleveland. These ships brought immigrants-Irish, English, and others-who saw the harbor's towering 1825 lighthouse, one of the town's two lighthouses on the National Registry of Historic Sites, as a beacon for freedom, hope, and opportunity.
BRS33 Soft cover $19.99

Port Clinton, the Peninsula and the Bass Islands

By Sally Sue Witten delivers a rare view of the many buildings that sadly failed to survive the area’s catastrophic fires. This book is a living testimony to the rich and varied history of Ohio’s Lake Erie communities. Resort oasis to some, manufacturing center to others, Ottawa County’s texture and detail are brought vividly to life in this absorbing book BRS39 Soft covers $19.99

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Lighthouses of Eastern Michigan

By Will and Pat Oconnell. From the Straits of Mackinac to the Detroit River, Images of America: Lighthouses of Eastern Michigan reveals intriguing stories of lighthouses and the people who depended on them. A collection of the mysteries, storms, fires, and heroics surrounding the lighthouses of eastern Michigan are waiting within.
BRS38 Soft covers $21.99

Sky Pilot of the Great Lakes
Rescued by a US Lifesaving crew, the Reverend Law dedicated the rest of his life to the men and women stations at lighthouses and lifesaving sttions throughout the Lakes by bringing his floating library to remote stations and the relentless pursuit of Congress to to provide better pay and pensions. Great great grandson John Kotzian retells the Reverend’s amazing story. 202 pages.

BRS58 soft cover $17.95.

Frontier Entrepreneur - The story of Eber Ward
In this book, author Sandy Planisek chronicles the shift of the Great Lakes economy from frontier homesteading to the age of commerce as interpreted through the life of Bois Blanc Island lighthouse keeper Eber Ward, a prolific letter writer and early entrepreneur and father of the Great Lakes’ first millionaire. Soft cover, 144 pages.
BFS01 soft cover $15.00.

GLLKA Educational Resource Guide

The activities in the book have been specifically designed to help introduce students to the lighthouses and environment of the Great Lakes.  These activities have been designed to integrate into the elementary and secondary curriculum at appropriate grade levels and content areas.

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